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Jackson..the only pup who gave me a lunch break — December 17, 2020

Jackson..the only pup who gave me a lunch break

Jackson was my favorite, I got him for an hour and a half everyday. His mom was so kind and sweet to me. But I never ate lunch because “Bostons best dog walkers” should have been called “south shores best (?) dog walkers” because as far as I know I was the only one in the actual city. Braintree, Quincy and Revere is not the same as “Boston” buddy. He would have me walk one dog for a certain amount of time in the fens/back bay, have me take that dog with me to walk another in the seaport (so basically take the other dog for an extra 45 minutes so dog napping) and expect everything done on time. It made no sense whatsoever. Bostons not a tiny lil city, so why am I the only one running to every damn corner of it? (I was in it for the dogs, he was a lunatic. and now I can’t get unemployment because I got paid under the table for most of 2019) ..anyhow..Jackson used to be so chill and let me stop at the food trucks. He was so patient (unlike those little dogs who hate other dogs, kids…fucking everything, and never stop barking)

I remember our routine would be walk around the north end, sometimes go pick up Brady..who was such an asshole to Jackson *smh* and I’d eat my Roxy’s grilled cheese down atlantic ave, tune out and shoot the shit with him. I got a lot of weird looks, but who doesn’t like Roxy’s? and dogs are insanely good listeners so stare all you want.

— Story time with Allie

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