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Stay gold, Ponyboy 📚

The Outsiders.

One of the rare classics that made an amazing book/story into an also amazing film. Basically a teenage girls wet dream.

(I didn’t think girls could have “wet dreams” so I googled it. apparently we can have orgasms while having a dream, although we don’t “ejaculate”)

Found that to be a fun fact, and the word ejaculate makes me laugh but also uncomfortable at the same time.

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The thing is though, maybe you should respect her the same way she respected the trust you gave her. She stayed true to you. Protected your feelings. Didn’t need to.

Don’t tell me “you love me, and want to have my babies” and all this bullshit you were so against when we started hanging out. Yet you can’t defend me, and still hang out with the only person on this earth that I would like to watch get hit by a truck.

Even to say something like that. Thats not the person I am. The only way I could ever say something as such, is if you are a walking monster, with no hope visible. All you did was simply tell him your chilling with me, and he tries to kick you out of his house…so whats next? whats your plan?

Oh right. you talk out of your ass. Tell the truth to ME for sure, but are too much of a wuss to say it to anyone else. Thats weak and a turn off. Kind of like your breath. So just remember when you think your gonna pull a fast one on someone you relied on, and essentially were very clearly falling in “love” with (I don’t like to throw the word around, some people do) that she’s no saint. Out of anyone I know, you were probably the most aware. We share an experience ..that no one else had in our town.

You even said I knew enough about you, thay I could have used against you…yes, I am fully fucking aware of that. You never gave me a reason though yet. Don’t poke the bitch, sweetheart.

& You can say you want to find “someone like me” because I’m the “perfect girl besides X,Y and Z”

…Kid, there is no one “like me”

and if thats what you think your gonna find? think again.

This isn’t made up in my head, its been voiced to me by almost everyone I’ve dated, or even hung out with. Sure, i’m an acquired taste. Take lots of patience. But that doesn’t change the fact you can’t look for a “perfect” version of me. It’s a delusional thought. You take the good with the bad, and for love sometimes you need to adjust your views in order to not lose something more important to you than “taking a risk”

I hate all this stuff. But I have the strength to face it. Thats -what separates me from you-

side note (once I slept with a guy only because he had that tattooed on his chest and its the name of one of my favorite albums in the world)