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It’s pretty wild

How fast I go from caring WAYY too much.. to honestly not really caring at all.

I’ve always weirdly been that way. It’s how I used to trick psychiatrists and therapists I was a changed kid.

*See guys, look how long it took me to realize I have to act like a saint for just a month after acting like a little lunatic for 8 months*

But now I’m realizing it’s always kinda pertained to a lot of other random situations in my life. The way my personality is I suppose.

I’m all in. until I’m all out.

There’s no middle with me. The middle is confusing. Usually messy also. I don’t care for it.

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IPA can collector.

Actually, its the main reason I’d ever spend 10-20 bucks on a four pack.

I recycle them myself.

(I do prefer IPA though, my man friend keeps bringing over Budweiser and it really does not taste good. It’s pussy beer)

My dad’s been drinking IPA’s most of my life. So when I lived with them…we always had Harpoons in the fridge. Became my favorite as well…and there is almost, nothing as fun as a Harpoon event.

Bummer though, because my other job works them. So I literally could have been paid to be somewhere, that I pay 2-3 times a year to get inside.

Covid…please..please. stop making life a living hell please. and mutating…all that weird annoying crap. Goodness gracious. I’m highly cautious but its really tiring.

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I’ve been known to buy IPA’s just to reuse the cute cans.. anyway I can pull out my ass..

In this case, me and my boyfriend ran around our apartment building and picked random plants. Turns out there was a bumble bee in one of the cans.