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Closed& Opening

I closed at work tonight. which was highly annoying to be honest. Yet mentally manageable at least.

Meanwhile the dude who was supposed to close with me, left with like 40 people still in the building…so left me with a broken mic, stuck at the front desk unable to leave and tell people we are closed. In a fucking massive gym. This isn’t Boston Sports Club bud. Get the next bus…

It was lame.

I have to open now though too.

So I took an adderall to keep me going.

(I’ve always had a soft spot for them)

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Just the thought

For days now I keep meaning to go through and cleanup the photos on my phone.

There’s just so much unnecessary stuff taking up space.

The problem is, theres so much that I only start doing it…then realize how long it’s gonna take. I become overwhelmed so damn fast and give up.

My eyes will be cross- eyed for days. Plus I SWEAR I’ve deleted half these pictures already before…

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First off

My favorite thing about closing at work is, I get to be the Spotify DJ for the whole gym.

*Which not to (or to) toot my own horn or anything*

I’m very damn good at it. Get lots of quality feedback regularly.

I was doing just fine before you and your skateboard rolled up here, to the front desk…&Started using your grubby fingers changing my tunes, pal.

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Talking shit vs. Venting

I explained the difference to my co-worker tonight.

Because we do talk a lot about each other at my job if we get annoyed. We’re all gonna get on each others nerves, so for me to sit here and be like well I like *you, you and you* so I’ll never speak about you behind your back would be bullshit. I always emphasize how I really adore the person, but this thing they are doing is getting to me.

Talking shit would be more like “what a goddamn lazy twinkle twat, who smells like rotting milk all the time”

(Idk, winged that one fast. judge away)

Getting a lil irked with someone you like and enjoy being around is a thing. We’re only human.

BUT. Talking shit IS, going around telling my co workers that I’m not capable of doing the job I was hired for….simply because you went on the same interview and didn’t get it. Blame it on the other chick who got hired and never came back after covid. Smh.

If I am always nice to you, don’t be running your mouth. Because now I’m not letting you come up front and put on your lame, “trendy” hipster, indie rock music. And I will pretend I don’t know how to check you in or take your temp. when you walk in the building. Everyone’s on an ego trip since my two supervisors left. I love Meg, who’s the new one (she’s the one I was venting to) but these other little twerps are starting to get on my nerves.

Cause sweetie, I’m not venting about you anymore. I’m talking shit.

stay. in. your. lane

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It’s pretty wild

How fast I go from caring WAYY too much.. to honestly not really caring at all.

I’ve always weirdly been that way. It’s how I used to trick psychiatrists and therapists I was a changed kid.

*See guys, look how long it took me to realize I have to act like a saint for just a month after acting like a little lunatic for 8 months*

But now I’m realizing it’s always kinda pertained to a lot of other random situations in my life. The way my personality is I suppose.

I’m all in. until I’m all out.

There’s no middle with me. The middle is confusing. Usually messy also. I don’t care for it.