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Little Salon 🌸

This room is a pastel, floral, and absolutely magical work of art.

Its also the first room that I truly was jaw dropped by, before I knew anything about art history. Or who Isabella Stewart Gardner was.

It’s such a pretty lil masterpiece

🎀 With a pretty pink bow on top 🎀

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It will set you free

That’s one thing I’m actually good at. I’m not good at many things.

I’m a music junkie. I have been my entire life.

It sounds so cliché and annoying. It pisses me off even to say it, but music did save my life and continues to everyday, probably.

I’ll always remember myself in middle school. Those were terrible years of my life…it kinda set my youth up for failure. Derp.

I didn’t really trust many people at that point in my life. Probably two. My best friend at the time, and my ex-boyfriend.

I started to form insomnia and really bad anxiety, and I would stay up really late at night on my computer. I would sit on the computer for hours and hours exploring random music and finding new stuff to fulfill me.

I would make old-school mix CDs

(I kinda feel bad for the kids these days who can’t experience that)

All the music my friends, siblings/cousins listened to, was introduced by me. I don’t know why people make that sound like a snobby thing though….It’s one of the only things I’m good at, can’t we just like consider it a sport?

The real point is though, it spoke to me. Always has. In ways humans couldn’t at that point especially. When I need it it’s always there. It

made me feel… understood. It was like a friend.

(it does run in my genetics. But the way I love music is unexplainable. I couldn’t get to the point of it. I’ve been a walking jukebox my whole life)

Everyone listen to music. It makes the world go round. And maybe it could save your life if you give it a chance

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“You’re uhhh”

*lots of disgruntled sounds*

“You’re special, different…not like anyone I’ve known…I don’t know the right word for it….look around your place. Describe it in one word?”

Me and my dark humor –

“Uh…a creative clusterfuck? messy masterpiece? hoarders heaven?”

*Him reminding me to be positive*


“It’s me. It doesn’t make sense. But neither do I, it’s my own little creative nest. I’m a free bird.”

Freedom of expression. wear it, speak it…live in it

I also don’t like being held down or restrained…out of control. Metaphorically or Physically.

It’s not a theory one wants to test.