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I don’t want to be vaccinated

Usually it would be because I hate needles.

But I just don’t want something injected into me without seeing reactions or side effects that could happen.

I’ve been medicated more than half my life. Side effects don’t always happen the second the medication is in your body, having its way with you.

I just don’t understand why everyone acts like its voting. Like post it all over social media and tell everyone you know that “you’re vaccinated”

(and yes, at work…I still need to take your temp. even after you announce your vaccination)

Listen, when I can take this fucking mask off, and dodge temp checks. Sure, then shoot me up with that shit I guess..but until then. No. Chill.

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Last night I felt rushed leaving work

So, I by accident dropped my vape pen. I noticed almost the second I walked outside… but my co worker had already hauled ass to his car.

I didn’t have my I had to walk home, get on the bike I hadn’t got on in a year

(flat tire and so rusty from the rain)

Bike back to my work (luckily I live like an inch away) go get it, and thank god…because it was just sitting on the damn front desk.

My work is so creepy at night. and I really just wanted to go home and relax after walking home.

But the fresh air and bike ride was actually pretty nice. Flat tire and everything

Can’t stop this bitch on a mission


The art of insulting me just isn’t that simple.

I’m incredibly talented at pointing out my flaws, and harsh realities out loud. I’m fucking hella aware, too aware. It’s the reason I’m also an emotional, mentally unstable wreck half the time.

Anything you say about or to me, I already know, and am fully aware of. Although its also rare a keyboard warrior would say the same things to my face as they would through texts.

I’m human, and thats the first step to being aware of anything…I would assume at least?

Therefor…i’m loaded with flaws.

You get to choose what kind of people you want in your life, and I will never put on a show or pretend to be someone I am not. Whatever I can say through texts, i’m also capable of saying straight to your face.

I only claimed to be Self- aware.

Never said I wasn’t self- destructive or lacked self- control.

THAT I will own, I wear my flaws like caution tape. Or at least the ones I will speak to almost anyone about.

There’s obviously things I don’t want anyone to know about me, and some things would take you some DAMN hard work to get come out of my mouth. Then some are just for me.

My biggest insecurities are mine. They’re probably weird, that people wouldn’t guess, or they are the most basic…ever.