I do a voiceover video joking about trump. Then I have old men calling men ugly, and that they’re gonna “shut my little mouth cause its not over yet bitch”..then another “bitch” in the same blurb. I’m a “clever jew” someone talking about segregated schools…and overall just spewing their own language of hate at me…and towards many people in general.

I say that because most of it was so illiterate I would need days to decode it and I don’t have the time that they do. Nor would I ever, In 8 million years want to spend anytime pulling that kind of craziness. I will never be able to comprehend why people go out of their way to be hateful and cruel for no reason. either way, its intense and so am I. therefore its hard for me to shut up when I actually wish I could jump through my phone and choke them out…ew. un fucking believable

(…didn’t this used to be like an app for pre-teens that like to dance?)