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I’m so taken back by the immense amount of vile, hateful people that are on tiktok. —

I’m so taken back by the immense amount of vile, hateful people that are on tiktok.

I do a voiceover video joking about trump. Then I have old men calling men ugly, and that they’re gonna “shut my little mouth cause its not over yet bitch”..then another “bitch” in the same blurb. I’m a “clever jew” someone talking about segregated schools…and overall just spewing their own language of hate at me…and towards many people in general.

I say that because most of it was so illiterate I would need days to decode it and I don’t have the time that they do. Nor would I ever, In 8 million years want to spend anytime pulling that kind of craziness. I will never be able to comprehend why people go out of their way to be hateful and cruel for no reason. either way, its intense and so am I. therefore its hard for me to shut up when I actually wish I could jump through my phone and choke them out…ew. un fucking believable

(…didn’t this used to be like an app for pre-teens that like to dance?)

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A BPD bucket list…(not your average) – Parental Advisory, Explicit Content —

A BPD bucket list…(not your average) – Parental Advisory, Explicit Content

Typically I’m just a mentally unstable female, with an attraction to felons. or just straight toxic men. But I’ve always wanted to fuck (excuse my french) a cop. for shits n gigs. I mean I can legally assault a police officer, he’s not gonna arrest me for a scratch or soft kick (like a pussy) then I realize homeboy is 6’5….UHHH HELLLLO. I guess if I’m gonna do this imma go big or go home.

talk about a sick and twisted lil girls fantasy.

that’s the jackpot. for cop standards at least

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Winthrop Sq. —
Guys with solo pictures of puppies in their dating profile…” Can you drop it by tomorrow around 3?” — December 20, 2020
I keep thinking I want to talk/ get attention from new guys. Then I forget how needy and damn annoying most of them are…thanks for the reminder.. — December 17, 2020

I keep thinking I want to talk/ get attention from new guys. Then I forget how needy and damn annoying most of them are…thanks for the reminder..

If I texted you back as fast and as much as you hit me up I wouldn’t even have time to watch one music video or have a single phone call. I don’t have the patience for it, especially in a pandemic ridden snowstorm. I mean I guess that makes people have more patience for it? Not me. Please take 8 million seats. You’d have to be fuckin’ MGK for me to want to show you that much attention. Screw snapchat, its low key the worst thing to happen to and for relationships since..facebook& marriages in the early 2000’s. The filters, the sneaky cheats and all the guys who think you’ll send them a nude because you matched with them on a dating app. I hate the 20th century. I was born at the worst time in history, so thanks mom. Pandemics, terrorist attacks, wars, reality tv star presidents, violent racism and homophobia, mental illness central, heroin epidemic, school shootings, social media. and lets be real, the list could go on and on. So whoever wants to give millennials a hard time can honestly (not) suck it. Like damn… If no one understood why I wanted out before…

I asked him if he ever thought of using Plenty of Fish? cause those girls “love to take their clothes off”

He said he didn’t care because he liked me and “I was pretty”

I told him “I know, thats why you didn’t find me on there”

Listen, if you think you’re too good for nude snaps from girls who enjoy doing it on Plenty of Fish..well I can show you real fast that you aren’t I guess.

*Want my venmo homeboy? – didn’t think so.*

My pet rabbit doesn’t need nearly enough attention, is cuter, doesn’t talk back, side eyes me like the queen that I am and doesn’t make me sad.

– My sense of humor is kinda dark and twisted. but i make myself laugh and personally I feel thats the most important thing – self love • self laughter

Jackson..the only pup who gave me a lunch break —

Jackson..the only pup who gave me a lunch break

Jackson was my favorite, I got him for an hour and a half everyday. His mom was so kind and sweet to me. But I never ate lunch because “Bostons best dog walkers” should have been called “south shores best (?) dog walkers” because as far as I know I was the only one in the actual city. Braintree, Quincy and Revere is not the same as “Boston” buddy. He would have me walk one dog for a certain amount of time in the fens/back bay, have me take that dog with me to walk another in the seaport (so basically take the other dog for an extra 45 minutes so dog napping) and expect everything done on time. It made no sense whatsoever. Bostons not a tiny lil city, so why am I the only one running to every damn corner of it? (I was in it for the dogs, he was a lunatic. and now I can’t get unemployment because I got paid under the table for most of 2019) ..anyhow..Jackson used to be so chill and let me stop at the food trucks. He was so patient (unlike those little dogs who hate other dogs, kids…fucking everything, and never stop barking)

I remember our routine would be walk around the north end, sometimes go pick up Brady..who was such an asshole to Jackson *smh* and I’d eat my Roxy’s grilled cheese down atlantic ave, tune out and shoot the shit with him. I got a lot of weird looks, but who doesn’t like Roxy’s? and dogs are insanely good listeners so stare all you want.

— Story time with Allie

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..Last Christmas I gave you my..farts… —
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TikTok ⏱ — December 16, 2020

TikTok ⏱

Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom reunite at “The Lexington” since I’d rather not ever go to our hometown…ever…again. Lexington. It was a good night. We ate on the patio, even though it was cold and windy it was worth it. Me and megs got grilled cheese with french onion soup..which was hella dank. I figured she’s a California girl now so she needs a lil of that New England shiver.

The Lexington —

The Lexington

– previously known as three of the hottest on Lexingtons most wanted –

If ya catch my drift.

At least we can reunite in a better version of Lexington. (Cambridge) AND they have way better drinks and make a dank grilled cheese.

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Most people in my life were considered “Essential workers” But I’m starting to see the irresponsibility that comes with that. — December 10, 2020

Most people in my life were considered “Essential workers” But I’m starting to see the irresponsibility that comes with that.

I truly think the people that have had to sit out of a job for most of the year, two for me. We see it a lot differently, being sick is a big deal right now. Don’t tell me to take an Advil, don’t tell me everyone’s getting sick right now. I know, it’s winter. I get colds all the time. But it’s not worth the risk, welcome to 2020. And probably 2021 as well..

But I swear they’re going to be the ones getting everyone sick. The level of delusion is scary sometimes.

New England Fall 🍂 — December 9, 2020
Lights and Ice — November 29, 2020
Slim Shady Baby —

Slim Shady Baby

This was one of my favorite nights.

It would’ve been even better, if it wasn’t the first night you threatened my life, got the cops called on us in public, kicked my cell phone all over the pavement and dumped a drink over my head.

You’re right. I deserved that all.

..(smh) what an animal

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